Dunedin School of Medicine

PAX3 knockdown in metastatic melanoma cell lines does not reduce MITF expression.

Authors: Shujie He, Caiyun G Li, Amy Glover, Elaine Marshall, Bruce C Baguley, Michael R Eccles.
Publication: Melanoma Research. 2010 Dec 15. [Epub ahead of print].


Supplementary Figures


Fig. S1 Reduced expression of MITF after treatment of MITF siRNA but not of PAX3 siRNA in NZM15 cells by day 9 by immunofluorescent cellular staining.  MC: media control, siGL2: luciferase siRNA, siMITF: MITF siRNA,  siPAX3: PAX3 siRNA. Scale bar: 50┬ÁM.

morphology changes

Fig. S2 Morphology changes of NZM15 cells after 4 days of treatment with MITF siRNA or PAX3 siRNA.


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